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About The Ozark Redbones And Their Owners:

We are located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains and also in prime coon hunting country. We work with our dogs constantly to ensure that their senses never grow dull, and that they stay in good shape. We seldom hunt a night without treeing.

Our dogs are extremely solid on the tree and their bawls and barks can literally be heard for miles. Hunting habits and discipline are very important to young dogs, for this reason, our dogs are trained at an early age to hunt squirrel and coon, and our dogs when properly trained and cared for will not normally run or track other animals.

We use state of the art radio tracking systems, and GPS units to track our dogs and monitor their movements in the woods. The hilly terrain of the Ozarks makes our hunts both exciting and a challenge.

We have had years of experience working with Redbones and our dogs have a reputation of being dependable, determined and obedient. We normally have new Redbone litters available and we have sent dogs to happy owners all across the US and Canada! Our young Redbone pups provide endless amounts of entertainment and enjoyment for their owners.

Contact us today for information regarding new pups, our blood lines, or how to get a dog of your own. Or call (573)325-8804 to visit with us in person. Thanks for visiting our site!

Please view our YouTube Channel for videos of our dogs and their pups!


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